Sunday, May 29, 2011

Round #4; Determining Rank

For the first time in Gordon's Skating adventure, the notion of "Not skating enough" is being lobbed at the Valium Family. Ms V is unsure of how to take this. During Lesson yesterday morning, she sat next to me and lamented that Another Mom had railed at her to correct Gordon's edgework, that her son, a FS5 Competitor, skated three hours a day and anything less was completely unacceptable. "She made me feel really bad," said Ms V. "She just marched right up to me and said his skating was really terrible, and that it was my fault. But Gordon wants to do other things. His dad is coaching Baseball this summer, but this Other Mom said we had to give that up."

"Don't worry about it," I said. "Do what you feel is right for you. Don't let someone else tell you what is good for your family." Superficially, this is true. But really, Gordon and his family, in my opinion, are hitting a decision point.

We talked about summer and costumes and stuff, while Coach was working the boys. I had brought music, but Coach didn't seem to want it today. I was only slightly concerned. There's a lot of time. I stitched sequins and relaxed.

Afterwards, Coach talked to us both. She had changed her mind. Stitch would skate at FS1, and Gordon at Delta. I breathed a sigh of relief, Ms V seemed flummoxed. Coach was originally talking about FS1 for Gordon, but since Gordon wasn't going to skate as much as Stitch between now and the big day, it probably wasn't a good idea. Ms V quickly changed her tune at that point, suddenly saying that she didn't want to challenge Gordon so fast anyway.

Coach then asked about music. "Ours is ready," I said.
"We don't have any," said Ms V. "Do you?"
"Just pick something," Coach didn't seem to want to bother with it.
"I'll help you," I offered.
"You will?" Ms V looked at me hopefully.
"Sure. Tell me what you like. I can cut it."
"Bring it Tuesday. We can choreograph quickly, I have a little time I can give them." Coach had other students and was running out of time with us.
"Done," I nodded. "Gordon, let's talk while you get skates off."

Gordon talked nonsense and was unintelligible while Ms V was ready to kill him, as I asked about what kind of music he liked. I got nothing out of him. 

Ms V said she'd pay me for the music. Well, that's nice. Maybe I can make a living being a Professional Skate Mom. I told her my offer to make costumes for Gordon still stood, and we were off.

I came home and told Dad that I was cutting Gordon's Music for him. "Why did you offer to do that?" he rolled his eyes.
"Because I'm sick of him skating to goofy music." My motivations are not always clear.
Dad made helpful suggestions like Helter Skelter, Joan Jett, Beastie Boys, Lilly Allen, and The Ramones. While the thought of Gordon skating to "Voodoo Sabotage" seems humorous, we settled on "Shake your Tail Feather" by the Blues Brothers.

That night Dad joined us at Public Skate. I delivered the completed Bird Vest, which won rave reviews. Rink Pal told me that Mysteria loved the Gold Trench Coat, and asked when I was going to join the costume room ladies. As soon as I steel my resolve to, that's when. In the meantime, Pink Panther needs pants and an undershirt.

Stitch danced and played, and at one point Dad skated over to me. "Did you catch that?"
"Catch what?"
"He jumped up and clapped his hands under his leg!"
"No, I missed that."
Stitch was also trying the kneel and slide trick that Big Skater practices.

I'm relieved that both boys were downgraded for the Comp. Stitch will easily pass the FS1 test. If Mysteria makes a fuss about not meeting the June 1 deadline to get tests registered, I can ask why she chose June 1 as the day to come back from her vacation. Ms V and Gordon are on their own. To my knowledge, Gordon has no tests registered with ISI or even a current membership. Not my problem.

And here I was thinking that this Comp would be free sailing. I can't wait to watch the drama unfold!


  1. "I can ask why she chose June 1 as the day to come back from her vacation."

    The latest I heard was that it was not a vacation. Something more like a furlough. So not her fault.