Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adult Skating Wear; Again

Yes, we're on this again. I was talking with a fellow adult skater who is in the Spring Ice Show, and she was wondering where to get a skating dress. I sent her a link to Discount Dance Supply, where they have a nice line of adult dance dresses that can be just fine for skating in. But of course, that ubiquitous adult color, Black, is what's being brought up.


The subject of Testing for me is coming up more and more frequently, and while no date has been set, we're working more on specifics of how the test will run down; start here, end there, pose this way, and so on. So, I'm guessing I will need to start work on a suitable testing dress relatively soon.

When I'm in class with fellow adults, none of them are in "Skating Clothes." It's all a mishmash of workout clothes, stretch pants, and running jackets. But I get it. The first time you see yourself in a Skating Dress, it's disturbing.


The first time I put on a true skating dress was at a Halloween Party with a bunch of kids. Kids are brutally honest, and so I got a vague compliment (I think) from one of the girls, "You look awkwardly pretty."

And that sums up how I feel in a skating dress. Awkward. So, in an effort to get over feeling awkward, I just decided to wear skating clothes and damn anyone who doesn't like it. Just go for it. Besides, when checking out your reflection in the glass or reviewing video, it's easier to see your line in things that fit.

I've been trolling Pintrest for ideas on a testing dress. I know testing dresses are supposed to be very simple and straightforward, with minimal decoration and glitz, but there's nothing about avoiding a flattering cut. I can tell you it will not be black. Perhaps a deep burgundy or purple, but wearing black all the time is just getting tiring.

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  1. As an adult skater, I refuse to wear black dresses on principle! Who made up this crazy unspoken rule that we all have to wear black? So far I have had burgundy and royal blue for competition dresses. My dress for this season (should be shipping soon!!) is forest green. I have tested in practice dresses and competition dresses and it doesn't seem to matter as long as you look appropriate. Most of the time the kids leave their jackets on for testing since it's so cold (for moves, you're out there for quite awhile), but I cannot stand to wear a jacket for more than 2 minutes. Practice wear - I wholeheartedly agree. I wear skating pants and a fitted top or a practice dress, and that's that. Good luck with your dress - can't wait to hear more about what you decide!