Friday, April 11, 2014

Freeskate Friday

I'm injured, and I'm annoyed by this. My foot problem nearly became a big problem, and I was told to take a few days off everything to allow some healing  time. I don't know how many "a few" is, but I'm guessing two. My foot feels and looks better today, but I'm really *really* annoyed. All this could have been prevented had someone taken five minutes to talk to me about skates.
I'm ordering new skates tomorrow, and I'm not going to leave anyone in this process alone until I'm positive the new skates fit and feel right. My bloody sock days are behind me, thanks.

But here is another skater who pressed on through an injury. Elvis Stojko of Canada, skating through a groin injury in the 1998 Olympics. Now, I've never been fully *injured* in the groin area, but I have done a lesson with incredibly sore adductors after a weekend of rough off-ice work. You don't know how much you need those muscles until they hurt.

Stay in the game.

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