Monday, April 14, 2014

Motivation Monday

Today I got my formal introduction to Backwards 3 Turns. While these may be much like Mohawks where I did them on the wall for three months, I just have to remember that process and know that now I do Mohawks with some proficiency now.

So, while I do not feel wholly ready for these turns, I'm going to have faith. I did manage one on my right foot, and even though Coach was holding my hand, it was something. I'm sure that before too long I'll be doing these turns and worrying about brackets and counters.
Right? ....


  1. I never understood why back 3-turns were so important. Until recently, I couldn't do them to save my life. Now, I can do back outside 3-turns on both feet.

  2. I'm getting there - I did some LBO3's within reach of the wall (but not touching) this weekend. Progress is progress!