Saturday, April 19, 2014


Sunday is typically a big skating day for me, but since it's Easter, the rink is closed. No Practice Ice to make myself crazy on, no Public Session to Guard at, no Class with children to dodge. I tried to look on the bright side:

1. You can sleep in. (Sleeping in for me has become anything past 6am.)
2. You can watch bad movies that you normally don't get to see all the way through.
3. You can catch up on those skating books you bought.
4. You can go for a nice long run and workout.

Or you can just sit and think about skating.

Nah JK, I'm designing my Test Dress. The boys will be at Baseball game and I'll be hip deep in burgundy stretch velvet and iridescent mylar chiffon, shaking my bead vials like they were crack cocaine.

Maybe I can get to like Holidays after all.

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