Thursday, April 3, 2014

Riddles for Ice Skaters

Three low Freestyle skaters are sharing a full rink surface. One is working on MIF, one is practicing her program without the music, and the other is working on various elements which at times require her to go slow. How long does it take before all of them are within the exact same hockey circle and glaring at each other?

A portion of your program requires you to perform a backwards spiral directly across the center of the ice. How many other skaters will be doing Sit and/or Camel Spins at the exact moment you need to do this? Bonus: How many will be right at your skate (hip) level?


Your coach has introduced a new element which is requiring a lot of explaining, new physical work and being held in position. How fast do your boots suddenly need to be re-tied?

You are working on MIF in a presumably quiet corner. How many skaters sharing the session will find their way to your pattern and spin?


While doing stretching and other work on the boards in a public session, how many little girls will grapple their way to you and demand you show them how to do a "twirl?" What are the odds you fall on your face in said demonstration?

It's Sunday afternoon. You've had a great week training, having done everything on your On-Ice and Off-Ice schedule with no hiccups, and you've adhered to your diet plan to the letter. You get done with your morning off-ice and decide to treat yourself to a nice lunch. How many people do you frighten with your velociraptor impression in the restaurant?

Bonus Round:
It is forty below zero outside the rink. It feels like fifty below zero inside the rink. How many pairs of gloves will you be wearing?

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