Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adventures in Skate Parenting

So we had Privates today at the Rink Across Town. No biggie. I'm getting used to the idea of having multiple rinks to skate at. Stitch had a great lesson and all was well. The Skating Director of this rink came out later and explained that Coach wanted us to get a form turned in to join USFSA. This is so Stitch can compete in January. Great, says I. Let me get his skates off and then I'll follow you.

I head into the office, pay for ice and start getting the form squared away. Stitch will claim USFSA membership on behest of Rink Across town, and ISI membership at Home Rink. All was going swimmingly until I heard a familiar voice call, "Hi, Stitch!"


There she was, dragging that suitcase and a snotty glint in her eye. "Oh crap," I ducked under the glass window of the office.

The ice monitor looked at me like I was insane. "Are you okay?"

"I'm avoiding someone," I said, looking up. A group of kids had come in. Precious was among them and they seemed to be chaperoned by a few adults. Nutso wasn't to be found. Maybe this was some kind of camp program, and Nutso wasn't here. I gingerly peeked up. "She doesn't seem to be here. Maybe it's okay. I just don't like talking to her."

The ice monitor raised a brow.

"It's not an outright rivalry," I tried to explain. "She just acts weird to me because our sons started skating at the same time, and mine is learning waltz jumps while hers is still struggling with one foot glides. It's not my fault, I just bring him to skate more."

"Well, that's the ticket," Ice Monitor was laughing under her breath. "Practice, practice."

Just when I thought I was safe, in walks Nutso. And she saw me.

"Crap. There she is. And now I have to go say hi."

"It will be the performance of the year," the Ice Monitor handed me my receipts.

I walked out. "Lessons today?"

"Oh, yes," says Nutso. "The quality here is so much better. Are you taking lessons here, too?"

"No, we just snag ice here. You realize this is a different program, right?"

"What do you mean?"

If you can imagine the greedy glint in a king's eye when he discovers a genie in a bottle, then you can imagine the smile that crept across Nutso's face as I explained the difference between ISI and USFSA. "It's not that USFSA Basic Skills is more serious," I tried to diffuse it. "It's not. It's just the way to start if you want to become serious."

Didn't help. Nutso's grin was wide and gleaming. "Wow, I didn't know."

I call bullshit on that, but I'm a Good Southern Girl and said nothing. "Well, we have to get going."

"Okay, is there rehearsal today?" she called after me.

Really? "Yes, it's the preliminary run through. He needs to be there at noon."

"Noon?" Nutso sighed. "But he has a birthday party at two."

Without thinking I blurted, "Well, then it's a matter of priorities for you."

Precious was on the ice. Shuffle and That Other One were playing in the lobby. I left her with her hands full.

Either I have successfully convinced Nutso to leave Home Rink, or I have opened a whole new can of rivalrous worms. I'm not sure which.

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