Sunday, December 12, 2010

No more Pants. I lost them.

The final Ice Show went down at around 5pm today. Stitch finally got out of his costume around eight, when I peeled it off of him to put on his pajamas. He kept insisting that there was another show at 9am tomorrow morning.

On our way out the door, he gave a last look at the ice and mused. "I wonder when little girls will bring me stuffed animals after I skate." That's what I get for catching an hour of the Grand Prix Finals before heading out to do an ice show.

I was pretty sure I was going to get through this with all our shit intact. Soakers, Blade Guards, Boot Covers, Gloves, I had managed to keep up with everything. But no. I lost his jeans. So, Rink People? If you find a pair of little boy jeans, please put them in Lost and Found. I will collect them next weekend, when he has Group and Private lessons.

As the song goes, "Oh the movie never ends, it goes on, and on, and on, and on."


  1. Mark called me last night to ask why I dressed Evan in jeans and camo pants. I just emailed him to ask if he picked up Stitches jeans.

  2. I assume Evan was wearing both pairs on his legs, and not one on his legs and one on his arms. I know it seems like a silly question, but you just never really know.

    Plus, we'll pass the word at Stitch's next comp-- little girls throwing stuffed animals onto the ice, check.

  3. @ Elizabeth; Awesome. I knew they'd turn up. Stitch's waistbands are pulled as tight as they can go, and I know this pair had red elastic. Otherwise, they aren't labeled. If they do turn out to be ours, just leave them in the office and I'll grab them.

    @ Xan; Because clearly he needs something to give him more confidence out there... *eyeroll*