Monday, December 27, 2010

JoAnn Schneider Farris Officially annoys the crap out of me

I follow the Blog on figure skating at It's run by some chick named JoAnn. JoAnn seems to enjoy further cloaking figure skating in mystery, as her blog posts are often cryptic but with warnings of bad things happening should you (as a parent) make wrong decisions. But, ever eager for information, I follow anyway.

She posted over the weekend that "Cheap Figure Skates are not acceptable." What followed was two paragraphs basically repeating that same statement, with some words about going to the skate shop and asking your coach. (But if you're a way beginner, you don't have a coach. And by the time you have a coach, you probably already have opinions about skates.) Well, JoAnn, what is acceptable? Finally fed up with the vague posts, I asked her to clarify. I said that while Alpha level skaters might want something more substantial that sports store skates, they also don't need K-Picks and Harlicks.

JoAnn replied politely enough, but today I find she has taken my comment, reworded it, dumbed it down, assumed I have a girl in Pre-Alpha, and deleted my real comment to ensure that no one knows what really happened. If you read the question I "wrote", it's pretty obvious who is me and who isn't.

WTF. All I asked for was clarification, because I remember those early days of thinking, "Oh, shit, what kind of skates do we need?" and no one being able to really explain.

I'm a bit miffed. I don't have a girl in Pre-Alpha, and I don't like being taken out of context, to say nothing of being re-written entirely. If JoAnn can't write a decent post about skates for beginners without doing it in a "question and answer" format, something is wrong.

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