Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bad Idea or Utter Genius??

I had a thought on my third glass of boxed chardonnay last night;

Boot covers. I need to make a more sturdy pair so as to withstand Stitch's continuing assualt on his footwear. The thin nylon pair already have big holes in them after just a month. Stitch has issues figuring Inside versus Outside edges. Why not make a pair of boot covers and embroider an "I" and an "O" on the respective edges (Sides of the Skate) along with directional arrows indicating what direction he'll go on that respective edge.

Stupid Crutch or good Short Term Learning Tool?


  1. Won't really help. It's like kids figuring out left and right by making an "L" with their fingers--by the time they process it, it's too late.

  2. I still make an "L" o_O

    We'll keep on with the trial and error, then.

  3. I think it's brilliant :) Sign me up for a pair too!

  4. Hm. Let's see how he does after a few sessions on the ice. Edges are still fairly new, so this may be like the first few backwards wiggles; hard at the moment but now it's like second nature.