Friday, December 10, 2010

Preparing for Competition - Round 2

My calendar is reminding me that we are 43 days out from our first USFSA competition. We still have no program.

Am I worried? Freaking out? Not sleeping well?

Actually, I'm sleeping just fine. I'm not a bit worried. Coupla reasons why:

1. Ice show got in the way. Coach, Stitch and myself were too busy to bother worrying with a new program.

2. Coach is fantastic. I have complete faith that she will arrange something that is challenging to skate, easy to remember and awesome to watch.

3. Stitch is out of school for TWO FARKING WEEKS this month. This means two weeks where he can hit Practice Ice daily on the big rink if needs be.

4. I'm no longer worried about how Stitch will react to being alone on the ice in front of a crowd. He's shown that he loves to compete and loves his audience. I'm no longer fearful of Fall and Bawl.

5. I have some perspective now that I didn't have before.

Dad is concerned about the whole USFSA thing. He thinks that exposing Stitch to the Parental Drama of Moms with Unrealistic Expectations could go south. That may be true, but perhaps only on the Girl Side. After all, this is just Basic Skills. Anyone talking about Sochi is out of their minds anyway.

I'm more excited than nervous. I'm more comfortable of my role in this. As Stitch so clearly informed me as we were going through music options, "Mom. You are not the one skating. I am."

(I thought he should skate to Daft Punk, he liked Vince Gauraldi. Oh well.)

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