Saturday, December 4, 2010

Billy Joel never sang "It's six am on a Saturday."

I'm awake, and burning a CD. Yep, I forgot, and now I pay the price by arguing with my external CD burner which is extremely fussy. I think it's working now.

In a half hour I have to get Stitch up, dressed and out the door. It's snowing out and my own car has a dead battery so I have to gakk my husband's car. Just as well, my car is rear wheel drive and drives like shit in the snow.

After lessons this morning I'm dealing with Dead Battery, finishing Pants, and then heading to Ice Show rehearsal.

Next weekend will be a tiring logistical nightmare. Due to Ice Show performances, we won't have any ice at our home rink. For Stitch to practice his new program, being choreographed today, he will have to get ice somewhere else. I can't let it go a full week without being practiced. Stitch will forget. So, between matinees and evening shows, I'll find some ice time at That Other Rink Across Town or perhaps some of the outdoor rinks available to us now. (Provided the ice is skateable, reasonably clean and free of douchebaggy skaters now common at Public Ice.)

It's going to be a long day.

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