Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stitch's Christmas

Stitch had been begging for his own laptop for months. Lately, it's become a pain to find him on mine or Dad's laptops, and forcibly removing him. Dad thought about this, and with a cheap new hard drive, rehabbed one of the old Laptops and gave it to Stitch. Stitch was thrilled beyond words. Stitch also got: A Hexapod Monster, a build-it-yourself robot kit. A Triops set; they're like Sea Monkeys but bigger and akin to prehistoric shrimp. Break your own Geodes. Dad and Stitch can spend the week building the Titan Tanks; wirelessly remote controlled tanks that fire infrared "bullets" at each other and reverse direction when hit. Counting Cubes; multiplication is hard. An Enviro-battery set; he can now make simple batteries with fruit and vegetables. And a few other sciency things.

I got a Wii Game that features Figure Skating, and when the announcer called "AXEL JUMP" I replied, "That was a waltz jump." Stitch looked up from his computer and said, "I can do those!" I fell on my virtual ass a lot, and my virtual coach wouldn't even look at me. It's fun! 

A coworker commented that Stitch got nothing "Skating related" under the tree. I replied with a short explanation of the outlay for practice ice at two rinks, extra coaching costs, competition fees and the ongoing contributions to the New Skate Fund. He shut up real fast. Yes, when it comes to skating, nearly every day is Christmas Day.

I believe in well-rounded children, and I love that Stitch can not only do a decent bunny hop, but also build me a water detector for the kitchen floor in case the dishwasher leaks. Stitch was building a recording integrated circuit with the additions to his electronics set and asked, "Is there public skate today?"

We're off to find one of the outdoor rinks. We need to get outside for awhile anyway.

Tonight I will start cutting the new pants. FIL got us gift certificates for Best Buy, and I'm getting my own sewing machine.

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